One Eternal Spirit : Simply For Charity

We are pleased to announce that our Simply For Charity Event on 31st December along with donations made raised £300
which will be donated to SARAC

Our next simply for charity event is a Mediums Rally on Tuesday 2nd March


Jackie Babington, Neil Payne and Grace Rose

Fundraiser for MIND

Our Charity for this event is MIND. We will also be adding any donations made at our Online Services to this charity up to and included the Rally on 2nd March. Tickets are £5. 

We intend to run other Private reading events throughout the year. For each event, we will change the mediums and the chosen charity.

Donations for Online Services

We neither charge for our Saturday Online Divine Service and Demonstration of Mediumship nor ask for donations. However, we have been asked to provide those who do wish to make donations the facility to do so. Donations made to our services are added to the total we give to our chosen charity for this month which is:

 MIND | The mental Health Charity 

Donations can be made by Bank transfer or by cheques.

Donations for online services.