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One Eternal Spirit: In Truth, Love, Light and Unity

Welcome to our website.

We are an online spiritual ministry and community. Every Saturday at 7:00 pm we have an online divine service and demonstration of mediumship.  During the year, we also offer events, training and workshops for those who are newly interested, and those wishing to develop on their spiritual pathway.

Our philosophy and beliefs are that all religions and faiths lead to the same place when they are walked in love, there is only One Eternal Spirit to which we all belong, and it is a personal choice, as to which path each person walks.

Currently, we have two Ordained Ministers, who are also area officers of the Owl Multifaith Healing Ministry, who offer ministerial and celebrant services, such as wedding blessings, naming services, memorial services and funeral services.

Online Divine Service

Zoom events at One Eternal Spirit

Our Online Divine Service and Demonstration of Mediumship takes place each Saturday evening opens 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm start and healing group fortnightly on a Friday evening. Both events take place on Zoom. Sign-up to our list and have the login details sent directly to your email box.

Online Memorials

One Eternal Spirit now provides a shared, easily accessible virtual space where family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can pay their tributes to your loved one, while also helping each other to heal by sharing their feelings, memories, and also offer words of support.

Healing Book

Distant Healing

If you wish either yourself or someone else to be added to our healing book, please complete the details below. The names will be added to our healing book and shared with our healing team.